crackerjackclayCrackerjack StoryBox. A blog about going through life doing the things humans enjoy. This blog will be bringing you on a journey of food, video games, and outdoor lifestyle meanderings.

I live for adventure and making people laugh.

Who is even writing this blog? Clay!

What is Crackerjack Storybox? Why that name?

It comes from the root of both those words independently.

So what is a crackerjack? Let’s go ahead and define it.Crackerjack definition


Combining the Noun or Adjective would work in both regards, but lets stick with a Noun so we don’t have English Majors freaking out.

Crackerjack an exceptionally good person or thing.

Story Box is simply a collection of items in a box or bag that corresponds to the items mentioned in a story.

Crackerjack Storybox is a collection of exceptionally good people/things that corresponds to the items mentioned in a story.


Bringing our world to life with photos, videos, and words can make a blog more exciting and allows for extension across multiple platforms. I will be using Youtube, Instagram and this website to tell my stories and journeys. Stay tuned for more and never stop exploring.